Delta 8 THC Products by FluxxLab™

Full-Spectrum Delta 8, unlike anything else you can buy.
Not all Delta 8 THC is created equal.
At FluxxLab™  our full-spectrum Delta 8 gives you an extra 20% in THC minors.

CBD Delta 8 THC Products by FluxxLab™

The strongest Delta 8 THC on the planet.

Not all Delta 8 THC is created equal. At FluxxLab™  we combine the best Delta 8 extract with pure valuable terpenes, and other minor cannabinoids.

At FluxxLab™, we have developed a cryo-extraction process that preserves and isolates the Delta 8 THC.

The Strongest Delta 8 THC Guaranteed.

Our ultra premium Delta 8 THC is the cleanest and strongest Delta 8 you will ever experience or your money back.

100% pure Delta 8 THC, here comes a new kind of high

Delta 8 THC Products on Sale in Tinctures, Pills and Vape Juice

"Incredible! I can't believe I never knew this existed." ~ Elijah, K, Boston, MA


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  • Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge


    Nothing else compares! Our Delta 8 THC vape cartridge delivers a 90% plus concentration of Delta 8 THC with no artificial fillers and is non crystallizing. The 510 compatible glass cartridge has a ceramic core and a ceramic tip for the best possible performance.

    We only recommend this vape for low intensity, relaxing activities. Expect a strong effect that will last. This is an all natural product. However, it’s non-crystallizing, and without the help of dilutants.

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  • Delta 8 THC Tincture


    Choose from three economic potency strengths. This high premium Delta 8 THC tincture combines the best THC Delta 8 broad-spectrum hemp extract with pure valuable terpenes, and other minor cannabinoids.

    Caution: We only recommend this tincture for low intensity, relaxing activities. (see more information below). It’s important to test your reaction to the effects of our strong Fluxxlab variety products, and this is no exception to the rule. Contains Beta-Caryophyllene and other terpenes for flavor and added benefits.

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  • Delta 8 THC + CBN Tincture


    This CBN and Delta 8 THC combination Tincture provides a unique experience. When combined with our very popular Beta Caryophyllene and other natural terpenes, nothing else compares to this potent combination.

    The CBN and Beta Caryophyllene help moderate the Delta 8 THC. Recommended only for low intensity, relaxing activities. Coming in 3 strength levels, this bio enhanced combination of CBN and THC Delta 8 is your absolute best choice for quick and powerful effects. Fluxxlabs Finest, unmatched in strength and quality.

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  • Delta 8 + CBD Tincture


    CBD and Delta 8 THC are the perfect tincture combination. With the addition of Beta Caryophyllene and our other natural terpenes, very little else can show you the same benefits as our premium blends.

    Only recommended for low intensity, relaxing activities. This is a high potency combination, with three strength levels. Fully Bio-enhanced, the lasting effects of a proper dose will leave you with a wow reaction. Fluxxlabs Finest.

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  • Delta 8 THC Distillate Syringe


    Experience this highly concentrated, premium Delta 8 THC, and natural hemp terpene blend. The rich and deep flavor is guaranteed to surprise you. Completely non-crystallizing contains no harmful dilutants. 100% Colorado hemp-derived.

    This product does not contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or any other harmful diluents, just hemp compounds including Beta-Caryophyllene. Federally legal. Powerful. Fluxxlabs Finest.

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  • Delta 8 + CBN Vape Cartridge


    Non-crystalizing distillate, with over 90% CBN and Delta 8 THC. Very smooth, bold and intense. Experience this remarkable vape blend with Beta-Caryophyllene and other natural terpenes. While CBN and the Beta-Caryophyllene help moderate the Delta 8 THC, we recommend this vape only for relaxing activities, nothing strenuous.

    This is an all natural product, 100%. We don’t suspend our blend in unnecessary fillers, you will only find natural hemp extracts here. Fluxxlab Top Quality Products.

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  • Delta 8 THC Tablet


    This premium 33 milligram Delta 8 THC tablet combines the best Delta 8 THC, terpenes, and other minor cannabinoids. These tablets also deliver our exclusive FluxxLab™ bio enhancement with increased absorption and effectiveness.

    THC Delta 8 is federally legal. We have blended that with a broad spectrum CBD and terpenes for maximum effect. Beta-Caryophyllene is one of several terpenes included, and leads to a strong effect. Recommended only for low intensity activity.

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  • Delta 8 + CBD Tablets


    33 milligrams of highly bioavailable THC Delta 8 with CBD per tablet. These premium FluxxLab™ tablets are carefully formulated to deliver you the very best combination of THC Delta 8, CBD, Beta Caryophyllene and other selected terpenes. You will appreciate the unique entourage effect that this very special formulation delivers.

    • Premium CBD with THC Delta 8
    • Bio Enhanced Formula
    • 33 Milligrams, high potency
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  • Delta 8 THC + CBN Tablet


    This Delta 8 THC + CBN Tablet provides an extraordinary experience. Beta-Caryophyllene and our other natural terpenes help to moderate and enhance the overall effect of this very important supplement.

    THC Delta 8 is federally legal; however, we urge caution, and we only recommend this supplement be used when for safe, low intensity, relaxing activities.

    • Delta 8 THC + CBN
    • High Potency Combination
    • Broad Spectrum
    • Bioavailability Enhanced
    • Natural Terpenes
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