CBD Products by FluxxLab™

The strongest CBD products on the planet.

FluxxLab™ has an extensive lab and testing facilities. We constantly strive for new, better, more innovative CBD products. Now, we are delighted to offer you a wide range of CBD products with the potential to contribute to a happier, healthier life.

At FluxxLab™, we have developed a cryo-extraction process that preserves and isolates the cannabinoids to deliver the highest bio-availability for the strongest CBD available. 

CBD Products by FluxxLab™

The strongest CBD Products on the planet.

FluxxLab™ has an extensive lab and testing facilities. We constantly strive for new, better, more innovative CBD products. Now, we are delighted to offer you a wide range of CBD products with the potential to contribute to a happier, healthier life.

At FluxxLab™, we have developed a cryo-extraction process that preserves and isolates the cannabinoids to deliver the highest bio-availability for the strongest CBD available. 

The Strongest CBD Products Guaranteed.

Our ultra premium CBD is the cleanest and strongest CBD you will ever experience or your money back.

100% pure CBD, here comes the entourage effect

"As advertised, best CBD I have ever tried, you can feel it!" ~ Tyra, M, Santa Calrita,  CA


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Premium Quality Colorado Hemp

Our extensive expertise is combined with the best hemp Colorado has to offer. We only use Colorado-grown hemp that has been cultivated organically. Most of the hemp we use has been handpicked, to make sure that the best parts of the hemp flower are kept intact for processing. Although this process is labor-intensive, it gives the best results compared to mechanical harvesting.

As we carefully extract from each plant, we pay close attention to the smallest detail that can make a difference in the quality and effectiveness of the products that we are passionately preparing for you, our customer.

We offer the best CBD, CBDA, CBC, CBG, CBN, Delta 8 THC and Beta-Caryophyllene

You have probably heard of CBD and may know all about its remarkable benefits. We want to help you experience even higher levels of relief. Did you know that beyond CBD, there are even more potent and effective hemp extracts?
We invite you to try our amazing CBD and Beta-Caryophyllene based tinctures and concentrates. We are certain that you will be surprised and satisfied.


CBDA is more potent and communicates with the body’s Endocannabinoid System in different ways than CBD. It is generally understood that CBDA is a higher quality and more desirable ingredient than CBD.

Often referred to as the Mother of CBD, CBDA is found in the live hemp plant, but almost always degrades to CBD during harvesting and processing. Preserving CBDA, and preventing it from converting to CBD is an art. Refining and preserving the very best cannabinoids is what we do at FluxxLab™, and nobody does it better. We are the world’s experts at bringing you pure, refined CBDA in tincture, concentrate and vape products.

Our CBD Nano-Emulsions

While researching the potentially wonderful properties of CBDA, we have also been exploring how to best introduce them to the body. This is why FluxxLab™ has developed a range of novel CBD and CBDA products that combine the newest technology with the wholesomeness of nature.

Part of this new range of products is our innovative CBD nano-emulsion. Our nano-emulsions combine the benefits of tiny CBD particles with the consistency of an emulsion. These two characteristics provide measurable increased bioavailability of CBD to the body.

Our Beta-Caryophyllene products

Beta-Caryophyllene is a unique hemp terpene widely known for its medicinal benefits. Perfectly paired with CBDA, the combination is greater than the sum of its parts. Highly bio-available, a daily dose of FluxxLab™ Beta-Caryophyllene with CBDA will put you solidly into the top tier of full effect CBD and CBDA dosage. Nothing else comes close.

Our CBD Concentrates

FluxxLab’s™ novel CBD products include a specifically designed range of CBD and CBDA products for vaping and dabbing. We offer a wide range of CBDA vaping products such as CBDA re-fill syringes and cartridges, CBDA shatter and CBDA budder, as well as CBDA vape oil cartridges.

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  • Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge


    Nothing else compares! Our Delta 8 THC vape cartridge delivers a 90% plus concentration of Delta 8 THC with no artificial fillers and is non crystallizing. The 510 compatible glass cartridge has a ceramic core and a ceramic tip for the best possible performance.

    We only recommend this vape for low intensity, relaxing activities. Expect a strong effect that will last. This is an all natural product. However, it’s non-crystallizing, and without the help of dilutants.

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  • Delta 8 THC Tincture


    Choose from three economic potency strengths. This high premium Delta 8 THC tincture combines the best THC Delta 8 broad-spectrum hemp extract with pure valuable terpenes, and other minor cannabinoids.

    Caution: We only recommend this tincture for low intensity, relaxing activities. (see more information below). It’s important to test your reaction to the effects of our strong Fluxxlab variety products, and this is no exception to the rule. Contains Beta-Caryophyllene and other terpenes for flavor and added benefits.

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  • CBD Softgels in THC-free or Full Spectrum


    Get 500 milligrams of easy to swallow hemp based CBD Softgels at a truly great price. FluxxLab™ is your best source for pure Colorado Grown and Colorado quality hemp CBD available in pure THC Free, or Full Spectrum.

    Not all CBD is created equal. At FluxxLab™ we begin and end with purity and quality. From 10 to 100 milligrams per tablet. Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or THC Free. FluxxLab™ Softgels and tablets offer you potency and convenience for any and all of your CBD preferences.

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  • CBDA Vape Cartridge


    Experience this Top Shelf, highly concentrated, ultra-smooth CBDA, CBD, and natural hemp terpene blend. The rich and deep flavor and rapid effects will definitely surprise you. This premium CBDA vape cartridge is non-crystallizing and contains no dilutants. The entire product is completely natural, only hemp extracts from the very best Rocky Mountain hemp.

    On the cartridge, we use a high quality, ceramic tipped unit that you can refill. Completely THC-Free. Satisfaction always guaranteed. Cartridges have the widely used 510 thread for compatibility. Try one of these out today!

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  • Delta 8 THC + CBN Tincture


    This CBN and Delta 8 THC combination Tincture provides a unique experience. When combined with our very popular Beta Caryophyllene and other natural terpenes, nothing else compares to this potent combination.

    The CBN and Beta Caryophyllene help moderate the Delta 8 THC. Recommended only for low intensity, relaxing activities. Coming in 3 strength levels, this bio enhanced combination of CBN and THC Delta 8 is your absolute best choice for quick and powerful effects. Fluxxlabs Finest, unmatched in strength and quality.

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  • CBD + CBN Tincture


    CBD+CBN Combination Tincture is a premium hemp extract frequently used for night time relief that standard CBD extracts can’t fully address. This CBN+CBD also has an added boost from terpenes and our unique bioavailability compression, a solution you can’t find anywhere else.

    FluxxLab CBD+CBN is carefully prepared so that you will get all the benefits of our exceptional quality. We achieved a highly effective CBD + CBN night time solution that leaves no non-believers.

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  • CBN Tincture


    Get the CBN you need along with Beta Caryophyllene and natural terpenes with an added boost from our unique bioavailability compression. CBN Tincture is widely used for help with sleep, and also for its calming effects.

    FluxxLab™ CBN tincture is carefully prepared so that you will get all the benefits of this exceptional cannabinoid. This means including natural terpenes into the bio-enhanced solution. With three strength levels, everyone can find their Fluxxlab CBN fit.

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  • FluxxLab CBDA Refill Syringe

    CBDA Vape Oil Refill Syringe


    Keep your standard vape cartridge charged up with our 1 gram highly purified CBDA vape oil refill. Try this finest quality CBDA & CBD and natural hemp terpene blend for yourself. We’d be willing to bet that the flavor and strength will surprise you. Created from Colorado grown hemp, and crafted into a truly excellent vape that only Fluxxlabs can provide.

    Non-crystallizing, and contains no dilutants so no propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin or anything else unnecessary, only hemp extracts. Completely THC Free. Satisfaction always guaranteed.

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  • Delta 8 + CBD Tincture


    CBD and Delta 8 THC are the perfect tincture combination. With the addition of Beta Caryophyllene and our other natural terpenes, very little else can show you the same benefits as our premium blends.

    Only recommended for low intensity, relaxing activities. This is a high potency combination, with three strength levels. Fully Bio-enhanced, the lasting effects of a proper dose will leave you with a wow reaction. Fluxxlabs Finest.

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  • Delta 8 THC Distillate Syringe


    Experience this highly concentrated, premium Delta 8 THC, and natural hemp terpene blend. The rich and deep flavor is guaranteed to surprise you. Completely non-crystallizing contains no harmful dilutants. 100% Colorado hemp-derived.

    This product does not contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or any other harmful diluents, just hemp compounds including Beta-Caryophyllene. Federally legal. Powerful. Fluxxlabs Finest.

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  • CBG + CBD Tincture


    This remarkable CBD + CBG Tincture is from premium Colorado hemp. It is very popular with those who are seeking the benefits of CBG. This broad spectrum blend has three levels of potency.

    The Entourage Effect of CBD and CBG together is known to come on fast and strong. Enhanced with our unique bio compression, terpenes and minor cannabinoids, we sacrifice no quality in making the very best CBG + CBD tinctures.

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  • THC-free CBD Tinctures


    These best-selling THC-Free CBD tinctures are offered in varying strengths: 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg. Our products are consistently tested for authenticity and are Colorado-grown using natural farming practices.

    Our premium THC-Free CBD Oil tinctures are also offered in a popular Full Spectrum blend. Tinctures at Fluxxlabs are made of only two things: 100% natural mountain-grown hemp extract, and mild Grapeseed Oil. We use Grapeseed oil for nutritional reasons, it adds in very healthy Omega 6 Fats. Just another way we are thinking foward.

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  • Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures


    These best-selling Full Spectrum CBD tinctures are offered in varying strengths: 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg. All FluxxLab™ products are  tested for authenticity, aiming for top quality, safety, and affordability.

    We offer a THC free version of this same solution that is also very popular. We formulate our tinctures using only two ingredients: clean, high-potency hemp extract, and mild Grapeseed Oil. It is the most nutritious CBD tincture because, in addition to the many CBD benefits, Grapeseed Oil is almost entirely made up of Omega 6 fats.

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  • CBDA Shatter


    This ultra-pure Live CBDA Shatter is highly concentrated CBDA with a rich and full-bodied delivery. Certain to be more potent than any CBD you have ever experienced, this shatter will amaze you. This product being a “shatter” is made for a dabbing set up. Those with a dab rig or another means of vaporizing the shatter, this one’s for you. Achieve total purity, no exceptions.

    It is the cleanest and most potent CBD that you will ever try, bar none. 100% pure hemp extracts, no fillers. Completely THC Free, just CBDA and CBD in these dab. You won’t miss the THC. Satisfaction always guaranteed.

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  • CBDA Budder


    Top Shelf, and unlike anything you have ever experienced before, we offer you a “Budder Like no Udder.”

    Beautifully sticky, potent and pure. This amazing Live CBDA Budder also includes naturally-occurring hemp terpenes for a full entourage effect. Proudly crafted by our own hemp experts we guarantee that you will judge our Budder to be extraordinary. This budder contains only hemp extracts, nothing else. We’ve aimed for and achieved purity with No THC in the blend, not that you need it here. Fluxxlab has your back too with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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  • CBDA + CBD Daytime Formula


    50 mg per tablet. Experience the amazing benefits of CBDa combined with CBD, COQ10, B Vitamins and more. Truly nature’s most perfect supplement in an easy to take CBD tablet. Highly bioavailable for fast and lasting results.

    Combine your daily dose of essential CBD’s with day-time vitamins and energy. Each tablet contains essential vitamins with 25mg of Full Spectrum CBDA and 25mg of pure CBD for full-effect, high-potency daytime CBD energy. Just two a day will put you well on the way to a complete full-effect CBD health regimen.

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  • CBD + Melatonin Night-time


    50mg Full-Spectrum Night Time CBD and Melatonin tablet. Gentle but powerful, this CBDA, CBD high-potency tablet is specially formulated with pharmaceutical-grade Melatonin for the perfect balance of nighttime benefits.

    This very popular FluxxLab™ CBD and Melatonin tablet is economical and bio-available, meaning it’s been carefully formulated to absorb quickly and gently. Each tablet contains a 50 milligrams dose of very high-grade Full-Spectrum CBD, CBDA, and Melatonin for full-effect, high-potency night time blend.

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  • Delta 8 + CBN Vape Cartridge


    Non-crystalizing distillate, with over 90% CBN and Delta 8 THC. Very smooth, bold and intense. Experience this remarkable vape blend with Beta-Caryophyllene and other natural terpenes. While CBN and the Beta-Caryophyllene help moderate the Delta 8 THC, we recommend this vape only for relaxing activities, nothing strenuous.

    This is an all natural product, 100%. We don’t suspend our blend in unnecessary fillers, you will only find natural hemp extracts here. Fluxxlab Top Quality Products.

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  • CBC Vape Cartridge


    CBC lacks adequate scientific study, and while it shows promise there is not enough information for us to make any definitive recommendation on its use. This CBC vape is derived from distilled isolate and has been combined with approximately 10% natural terpenes so that it can be vaped. Limited quantities available.

    • CBC Distillate
    • Non Crystallizing
    • With natural Terpenes
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  • CBDA Oil Tincture


    500mg or 1000mg CBDA Oil Tinctures from FluxxLab™. Expect remarkable results that outperform any CBD tincture oil that you have ever tried. 100% natural, our all-pure hemp CBDA delivers potency well beyond standard CBD.

    Crafted in our Colorado Lab, we have added exactly the right terpenes to achieve what our customers tell us is: “The World’s Most Perfect Hemp Oil Tincture.” 2 oz will provide you with up to two months of the best CBDA you can find. Completely THC Free. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Our Colorado-based laboratory is among the best in Colorado. We have the most dedicated CBD professionals. We understand how to craft the perfect product for your CBD needs. Nobody cares as much as we do. We promise to serve you with total dedication, and we stand behind every product you purchase.

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